Silvetrasol Hoof and
Wound Wash


Highly effective for:

  • Thrush
  • White Line disease
  • Scratches
  • Rain Scald
  • Hoof and skin infections
  • Aids in the prevention of most infections







Silvetrasol is the All Natural Hoof Cleanser developed at the Institute of Applied Equine Podiatry. Silvetrasol is the Ultimate Hoof Infection Fighter. The active ingredient is so unique it has earned its own patent. Silvetrasol has been proven to kill bacteria, fungus and viruses quickly. It is very safe to use, is odourless and colourless. Though it is toxic to bacteria, fungus and virus, it is non-toxic to humans, horses, pets, or livestock. When compared to commonly used products, it has been shown to be as much as ten times more effective in the treatment of bacterial infections (thrush) and MSRA. Bacterial kill time for Silvetrasol is less than 30 seconds, where Lysol and Clorox are nearer to 10 minutes. This is the most useful hoof and wound cleanser available for the horse owner, professional trimmer, farrier or veterinarian. Use it to treat the hoof following trimming, apply before using boots or hoof wear, use it to clean your tools. Silvetrasol is ideal for cleaning abscess tracks and wounds in the sole, frog, or hoof wall. Use daily to prevent infection. Spray on the coronary band, walls, and sole.

For hoof infection liberally spray the area and stand for a few minutes before turnout. As a wound wash liberally flush the wound with silvetrasol.