Lucy Sexton at Equipoise Performance


Graduated with BSc in Psychology, with a keen interest in dressage, showjumping and showing , further pursued her studies with her interest in Equine behaviour to understand why horses were often labelled with names such as “naughty” or “mareish” or exhibiting problem behaviours in certain situations, such aggression, or stereotypies.

Her studies in Equine Behaviour led her on a field trip to South Africa to observe Zebra, and to understand how their environment affected herd dynamics and behaviour. In a domestic environment, one can start to identify the root cause of many of the behavioural issues we see today simply by addressing changes to their environment, management or training regime, recognising whether the behaviour exhibited is pain related or a response to a specific stimuli, through the understanding of ethology, physiology of normal behaviour. Qualified in Equine Behaviour in 2008.

Lucy’s interest in Equine Gait Analysis stemmed from her husband's race horses and seeing horses with potential having their careers cut short for something that could have been prevented with early intervention and monitoring, if recognised earlier in their career.

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Lucy was introduced to Dr Diana Hodgins, the founder of GaitSmart and has worked closely with GaitSmart Pegasus for a number of years. It is an important tool in the rehabilitation progress for all horses monitored by them.

Newmarket Equine Salt Therapy System, 2020,  Darrell Torrens


Denis comes from a Horse racing & Point to Point family background, and enjoys eventing and dressage.

He qualified in an Diploma in Applied Equine Podiatry in Florida in May 2012, & fulfils his continuing professional development as an active member of Institute of Applied Equine Podiatry, & completing the advanced diploma program. With gaining knowledge on the individual structures & functions of the equine foot, and seeing the effects it had on the performance of his own racehorses, it came apparent how the health of the equine foot and the environment is of critical importance to the horse, aswell as the effect it has on the musculoskeletal system and overall wellbeing of the horse.

In 2017 he qualified in Equine Manual Lymph Drainage in Austria. A specialist hands on technique, with specific pressures & strokes applied to encourage the flow of lymph through the lymphatic system. With approx. 8,000 lymph nodes in the horse, the lymphatic system plays a significant role in the health of the horse, through the removal and filtering of toxins, immunological function and maintaining homeostasis.

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Diploma in Applied Equine Podiatry, 2012, Instructor Keith La Pierre

Emmett Technique Horse Practitioner, 2016, Instructor Tony Sherry

Equine Manual Lymph Drainage, 2017, Eveline Lugsch, Austria

Masterson Method, Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork Advanced Course, 2018, Instructor James Masterson

Equine Vetkin Taping Course, 2019 Instructor Dr.Solange Mikail

Newmarket Equine Salt Therapy System, 2020,  Darrell Torrens

Denis Sexton at Equipoise Performance