Equine Products

We have spent years identifying the very best support for horses, we have researched, tried and tested the equine therapies & products we use and have ensured what is on the label is fact not fiction!

The equine products are just part of our system, finding balance means looking at the whole body and how it functions.

Hoof Care Support - A hoof is a horse's foundation! See our equine products.

Digestive Health and Immune Support - A horse will show symptoms of a low immune system or digestive health issues through behaviour, we can identify the symptoms and activate healthy digestive, gut and gastrointestinal function.

Joint and Respiratory Support - maintaining normal joint function and mobility is vital. A horses respiratory system can be affected by the horse’s environment alone!

By supporting the horse’s overall health and wellbeing and by creating the correct environment, the horse has the ability to reach its equilibrium.

Recommended Products

Rehabilitation & Maintenance

The Equipoise Performance team of professionals work with all horse riders and owners regardless of their equestrian discipline. Our equine competition maintenance support packages deliver optimum performance, health & wellbeing. We design individual care plans to support all horses including:

• Recovering from injury
• Pre-competition, during competition and post-competition.

We have hand picked the very best team to offer a range of therapies and services.

• Equine Gait Analysis Rehabilitation Monitoring & Performance Profiling
• Equine Thermography
• TheraPlate Vortex Wave Therapy Platform
• ArcEquine Microcurrent Therapy- Rental units also available

• Applied Equine Podiatry
• Registered Farrier
• Conditioning Surfaces

• Equine Behaviour
• Equine Manual Lymph Drainage
• The Masterson Method
• Equine Emmett Therapy
• Equine Shiatsu

• Nutritional Support

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