Perfect Hoof Wear


The Non-Cast Alternatives

Perfect Hoof Wear (PHW) is a non-cast100% polyester multidirectional fabric tape impregnated with a unique water activated polyurethane resin that remains slick allowing for a smooth application. Wraps measure 2″x 4 Yards (5cm x3.65m). Each comes in a hermetically sealed foil pouch stamped with a lot number and expiration date. PHW poly wraps have a 2 year shelf life, when stored following manufactures recommendations. Each wrap is supplied with (3) proprietary stainless steel anchors. Anchors eliminate the need for messy expensive glues. Set up time is about 4 minutes, giving you sufficient time to apply. It sets up without producing excessive heat, becoming only warm to the touch. Once the resin begins to set there is no need for gloves, making for a very clean application. Trimming of the wrap is easy, with no need to rasp the finished application. When used for added protection the application is as easy as trim, wrap, ride. 

Poly-Wrap measures 2″x 4 Yards (5cm x3.65m)

**IMPORTANT: To be be used in conjunction with Perfect Hoof Wear Curing Pads.**



  • PHW unlike fiberglass or fiberglass composite type casting tapes, PHW remains flexible after curing and possesses elastic potential that closely mimics the hoof capsule. PHW essentially becomes an exoskeleton.
  • PHW Shortens Recovery Times, providing dynamic stability, while supporting correct circulation and lymphatic function.
  • PHW stimulates hoof wall growth by allowing for three dimensional distortion. As much as 200% increase over normal growth rate has been seen. We frequently receive testimonials stating complete dorsal wall growth in just 7 months.
  • PHW will not promote bacterial growth.
  • PHW Enhances Performance with its low rebound characteristics effectively dispersing the energies created upon impact protecting the internal foot.
  • PHW is impervious to mud and water. It is excellent for use in wet environments, where glue-on applications often fail.
  • PHW is applied using proprietary stainless-steel anchors, eliminating the need for expensive and often unreliable glues. This system is time proven, having been used in the application of tens of thousands of poly wraps over the past 10 years.
  • PHW anchor system allows you to treat the hoof topically without having to worry about glue failure.
  • PHW is radio-opaque. No need to remove PHW when taking x-rays.
  • PHW has excellent wear characteristics, often lasting 4 to 5 weeks when used for rehabilitation.
  • PHW is the perfect foundation for the application of performance horseshoes. A flexible horseshoe can be affixed by nailing or other means.
  • PHW is ideally suited to the creation of specialty orthotics and custom boots.
  • PHW is Economical eliminating the need to stock expensive glues, glue tips and glue guns. PHW can effectively be used as a replacement for all glue-on applications.
  • PHW is excellent for protecting the hoof that has lost a shoe. Keep a PHW  in your saddle bag for emergencies.