Sole Paint Hoof Conditioner


Sole Paint is particularly helpful in the treatment of the following:

  • White line separation
  • Frog clefts
  • External cracks
  • Thrush
  • Ideal for mainly Stabled Horses
  • Easily painted on

Size: 500ml bottle


Hoof sole conditioner

Sole Paint suppresses microbial invasion on the underside of a horse’s foot. The powerful active ingredients disinfect the underside of the foot. They toughen the hoof and support the natural growth of healthy frog tissue.

Sole Paint is a thick liquid that can be painted on for convenience and excellent coverage. Its thick consistency helps it penetrate into the deeper grooves of the foot.

Sole Paint is recommended for stubborn foot odour and discolouration.

Sole Paint contains the following ingredients:

  • Green french clay – an antimicrobial clay that also give the perfect consistency
  • Bio-active honey – for its antimicrobial qualities
  • Zinc oxide – a powerful yet harmless antimicrobial powder
  • Eucalyptus Oil – helps to strengthen weakened structures
  • Zinc Sulphate – a power antimicrobial also found in some feed supplements
  • Coconut Oil – antimicrobial and conditioning qualities, helping to make a paint like emulsion

All the ingredients are combined to give you the best antimicrobial paste that will stay in your horse’s hooves.