Antibacterial hoof packing


Hoof-Stuff is particularly helpful in the treatment of the following:

  • White line disease
  • Deep central sulcus seperation
  • Abscess cavities
  • Grass cracks

Hoof-Stuff is available in the following size:


Hoof-Stuff is advised for use in deeper, tighter holes in the hooves. With shallower holes, Artimud is advised instead.




Antibacterial hoof packing

Hoof-Stuff plugs deep holes and cracks that leave hooves susceptible to microbial invasion. Active ingredients eliminate bacteria and fungi, and natural fibres create pressure to support and promote healthy, natural tissue growth.

The fibrous, sticky consistency helps Hoof-Stuff stay in place so the active agents can provide lasting support to healthy tissues.

Hoof-Stuff is useful for white line cracks, central sulcus separation, cavities and grass cracks. For shallower, wider cracks, try Artimud.

Hoof Stuff contains the following ingredients:

  • Unpasteurised Honey – for it’s antimicrobial and healing properties but also to give the product a good, sticky consistency.
  • Zinc oxide – a powerful yet harmless antimicrobial powder
  • Natural Fibres – To keep the other ingredients in place in cavities and to provide beneficial pressure to the inside of them. Also to promote regrowth of healthy tissue