Artimud – Antifungal hoof clay


Artimud is particularly helpful in the treatment of the following:

  • White line separation
  • Frog clefts
  • External cracks
  • Thrush

Artimud is available in the following size:



Clay-based antibacterial hoof putty

Artimud fills shallow gaps in hooves and provides long-lasting protection against damage. It contains naturally active agents that eliminate bacteria and fungi and promote the formation of healthy tissue.

Its thick, putty consistency makes it easy to apply and helps it stay firmly in place so the protective agents can work for longer.

Artimud is ideal for packing shallow white line crevices, frog clefts and external cracks. It is often used under stick-on shoes and pads to keep soles and frogs in healthy condition. For deeper, tighter cracks, try Hoof Stuff.

Artimud contains the following ingredients:

  • Green French clay – an antimicrobial clay that also give the perfect consistency
  • Bio-active honey – for its antimicrobial qualities
  • Zinc oxide – a powerful yet harmless antimicrobial powder
  • Eucalyptus Oil – helps to strengthen weakened structures