Tropibed – Hygienic Animal Bedding


Equine Bedding

  • Avoids bad odours and reduces the reproduction of flies, and the midge flies by about 90%
  • Keeps the horses bedding in perfect condition
  • Recommended by vets and farriers, as this elastic bedding is optimal for relaxing the horse¹s tendons, as it is a dry product
  • Avoids hoof moulds and bacterial activity such as thrush
  • The coat of the horse is always dry and clean
  • White or grey horses do not turn yellow as a result of ammoniac attack
  • Easy grooming as the product does not stick to the hair, mane or tail
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Available to buy in 40 litre bags, Tropibed™ is manufactured from coco peat which is a by-product from the global demand for coconut products from the food and pharmaceutical industries. Coco peat is a 100% natural and sustainable product. Tropibed™ literally grows on trees, with no damage to the tree during the harvesting process; coconuts typically fruit around four times per year. Tropibed™ gives animals a natural product with natural scents and colours.

Tropibed™ is a 100% natural and sustainable hygienic animal bedding, suitable for everything, from pets to farm animals. Developed to be highly absorbent, Tropibed™ provides the best bedding whatever the animal. Tropibed™ is a natural sustainable by-product of the global demand for coconut products.


Why use Tropibed™? – Tropibeds’ benefits are abundant for all animals. Tropibed™ is a completely homogenous material, composed of millions of capillary micro-sponges, which provide a cushiony comfortable bed, locked-in moisture and odours while keeping animals clean. Other benefits include constant supply of quality sustainable bedding material available despite a possible shortage of traditional materials, being used to fuel the UK biomass power generation boom. With Tropibed™ you will be mucking out less wasted bedding. The product’s darker colour is widely believed to be preferred by horses, for example in comparison to the bright colour of wood shavings.

How to use? – Animal and pet owners all like to bed their animals in different ways, for pets and horses we suggest a good depth in relation to animal size, then to keep your Tropibed™ in top condition, spot pick the muck out using gloved hands or close tined shavings fork. Rake through wet patches and top up if necessary.

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15 x 40 litre bags (Delivered), 30 x 40 litre bags (Delivered), Pallet – 60 x 40 litre bags (Delivered)