Botanica Cleansing Wash (500ml)


A unique combination of natural herbal ingredients, blended to make a soothing, antiseptic
wash for both human and animal use.


Botanica Cleansing Wash is a natural antiseptic wash designed to clean, sterile and sooth the skin.

Established in 2005,  Botanica Internal uses the ‘wonders of nature’s healing energy’ in a natural herbal range developed for commin skin conditions in humans and animals.

Instructions for use;

  • Shake well and dilute one capful per litre of warm water (approx 20:1)
  • Bathe and clean the affected area using a cloth or sponge.
  • Can be used on broken and irritated skin.


Tea tree oil.          Tea tree is a  natural antiseptic
Oil of lavender.    Lavender is a natural insect repellant.